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At least nineteen Illinois cases are now linked to the reports of elevated lead levels in recalled cinnamon applesauce pouches. To learn more about the recall, go to If you or a family member consumed this product, consult your health care provider.

Food Safety

IDPH's Role in Food Safety

Whether you’re preparing food at home for family or friends or enjoying a meal at a restaurant, public health professionals have a role in protecting the food you eat.  IDPH protects Illinois residents and visitors through statewide programs and support of local programs to promote food safety and reduce incidence of foodborne illness. 

The food industry is responsible for producing safe food. IDPH and local food protection programs are responsible for setting food safety standards, conducting inspections, and monitoring food products. Illinois public health officials monitor the state’s food supply at various steps in the food chain to assure food stays safe.

Food Safety for Consumers

Whether cooking dinner, planning a meal for a special event, or heating up leftovers, there’s steps you can take to ensure the food is safe to eat. Learn more on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Food Safety website:

Operating a Food Business in Illinois

To learn more about Illinois requirements for different types of food operations, select the appropriate link for your business model.                              

Contact Us

You can contact IDPH by emailing or calling the number listed below, or use the form at

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Division of Environmental Health
Food Protection Program
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